Denowatts Solar, LLC

About us

Who Are We?

The Denowatts team is a group of individuals experienced in solar development and asset management, automation engineering and industrial design, and data management. We believe that solar energy is an important part of our power grid and that excellence in asset management begins with superior data. We passionately support our members to deliver enhanced insight and optimize their bottom line.

What Is Our Objective?

Our objective is to deliver the best benchmark service in the industry focusing on streamlined hardware, practical methods, quality-controlled data as a service model, and Business Intelligence tools.

We call our clients "members" because advancing solar adoption by delivering better benchmark data is a team sport. We simultaneously hold our members identifying data confidential while communicating performance results to simply answer the question: "Are we doing as well as we could be doing?"

Trust your data. We sincerely look forward to working with your team on your next new projects or fleet retrofits.


Dan Leary, Founder

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