Frequently Asked Questions

1Are you a monitoring company?
Denowatts is not a monitoring company; Rather we deliver data as a plug-in service to them and member ERP systems. For system production monitoring, device integration, agency reporting, and in depth diagnostics and alarming, we are happy to recommend exceptional monitoring services.
2What is a "Denowatt"?
A Denowatt is a derived Power/Energy benchmark, measured in kW(h). Similar to Expected Energy (defined by an energy model such as PVSyst, PVWatts, etc) a Denowatt is calculated using standardized inputs for temperature coefficient, inverter efficiency, and system derating. The Deno sensor calculates Denowatts based on the asset's AC max and DCstc rating, adjusted for age.
3How does Denowatts meet the requirements of IEC 61724?
IEC 61724 -1 (Monitoring), -2 (Capacity Evaluation Method), and -3 (Energy Evaluation Method) are standards that have been published in 2016 and 2017. Denowatts utilizes definitions, formula, and procedures as outlined in these standards for performance benchmarking. For a full description of Denowatts adherence to the standards, please download Denowatts and IEC 61724.
4Do you sell Deno's, or do you only lease them?
Denowatts does not sell sensors. We exclusively provide Denowatts as a service in order to best serve the market. We eliminate the hassle of warranties, recalibration logistics, data quality management, and remote hardware diagnostics. Denowatts offers the service as a 5-year subscription.
5What is the wireless transmission range?
The Deno smart sensor utilizes Xbee 900Mhz radios. We configure these radios to provide exceptional point to multipoint signal reliability up to 1,500' when using the magnetic mounted antenna. Factors that impact signal strength include steel enclosures, walls, floors, trees, and natural terrain features. Interference from other electronic equipment and cell towers can also impact signal reliability. We have two Rules of Thumb: 1) Keep the antennas in the line of sight of each other, and 2) The Deno signal will reach as far as your command voice can carry!
6Can I use a third-party pyranometer or external temperature sensor?
Yes. The Deno smart sensor is equipped to allow connection to any 0 to 20mV signal, such as Kipp and Zonen CMP10 or Licor Li200 sensors. Data from these sensors is captured and recorded on the same schedule as the Deno sensors. The Deno sensor may also be configured with an optionally-supplied back of module temperature sensor.
7Does Deno work if it loses power?
Yes. The Deno smart sensor is self-powered and records cumulative irradiance, Denowatts (benchmark) and Expected Energy (benchmark). If the site power or internet is lost the Deno gateway will not receive data from the Deno sensors. When the utility is restored the cumulative readings are immediately reported.
8How do I recalibrate the Deno?
At our member's request, freshly-calibrated units units may be ordered through the member portal. Deno sensors will ship to the designated point of contact to be exchanged, along with instructions to return the older unit.
9What is your warranty?
Denowatts equipment has no warranty because equipment is leased as part of the service. Subscribers may refer to the service guarantee in the Denowatts Terms and Conditions to learn how we ensure clients receive exceptional data services.
10How long will the Deno stay powered without sun?
The Deno sensor will charge to full capacity in about an hour in moderate sunlight. While running in Dark Mode ( 15-minute data samples and transmissions) it will operate for 2-3 days in the absence of charging sunlight. For reference, about 6" of snow covering the Deno will provide enough light to keep the unit charged and running.
11Will you publicly use our personally identifiable data?
No. Subscribers can only see their own data and all others remain redacted. Please see the Denowatts Terms and Conditions to see the full details of our Data Policy.
12Is our account information private?
Yes. Denowatts does not share your account information, or any other Personally Identifiable Information, with any third party. Please see the Denowatts Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy for further details.
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