Why Denowatts?

Success in performance management begins with having the right data. Despite precision instrumentation, capable monitoring services, and detailed standards, asset managers still struggle to answer a simple question:

“Are my assets performing as they should?”

Denowatts accurately answers this question and assists our members to confidently manage their portfolios.

What we do

Denowatts is a solar performance benchmarking, accounting, and analytics service

How we do it

Our mission is to deliver accurate and reliable information as a plug-in data service to monitoring and asset management platforms

Problems we solve

We developed the Deno sensor to replace traditional weather stations and better deliver leading industry standards

Clear results

Asset owners and managers confidently use Denowatts to make data-driven decisions and increase profitability


something that serves as a standard by which others may be measured or judged

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Deno sensor surpasses the limitations of traditional weather stations

Whether new or retrofit solar assets, Denowatts has developed streamlined technology, the Deno sensor, to deliver high-resolution benchmarking and weather data to IEC 61724-1 standards. The Deno sensor is leased as part of the service, eliminating warranty headaches and simplifying recalibration. Remote management functionality simplifies integration and enables data quality controls.

Denowatts created the Deno sensor specifically for the solar industry to surpass and replace traditional weather stations. The Deno sensor is self-powered and wireless, allowing it to be installed in just minutes into the sunniest part of your array without the cost of wiring. Dual pyranometers and temperature sensors collect meteorological data, while an on-board processor computes both modeled and comparative benchmarks every 5 seconds on the sensor.


The result is
Precision benchmarking,
Clear reporting, and
Limitless analytics

The Deno sensor delivers high-resolution benchmarks that form the basis for capacity testing, energy accounting, reporting, and analytics.

With accurate and reliable benchmark data, solar professionals can confidently embrace business intelligence processes to better understand their equipment and expectations, optimize operations, and become more profitable.

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