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Streamlined hardware

The Deno sensor replaces traditional weather stations and is installed in minutes. The sensor is leased as part of our service, eliminating warranty headaches and making recalibration simple.

Precision benchmarking

The Deno sensor runs your energy model and a comparative calculation every 5 seconds, delivering unmatched performance benchmarking.

Precision Benchmark
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Outage accounting

Precision benchmarking enables Denowatts algorithms to map outages and snow conditions. Denowatts manages the energy accounting for asset managers, allowing our members to focus on using the data to enhance decision-making and improving profitability.

IEC 61724 Reporting

Denowatts standardizes on criteria of IEC 61724 for PV System Monitoring, Capacity Testing, and Energy Testing. Our approach to delivering results based on this standard means assets managers can work synchronously with Independent Engineers to characterize asset performance.


Integration with monitoring and enterprise platforms

Denowatts data is delivered to our members via local modbus TCP/IP or API connection with any monitoring service. Members also pull data directly into back end enterprise platforms via API.

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