Deno devices are Plug and Play. After indicating a few basic parameters during the ordering process, Deno arrives ready to operate. The receiver/gateway, typically mounted with the monitoring equipment, requires only a 24Vdc power source and an internet connection. The Deno itself attaches between two solar modules using two overhead clamps. A Launch Mode allows for installers to immediately confirm data accuracy and signal strength.


Monitoring Integration

Denowatts is a Plug-In service for any popular monitoring platform. The Denowatts gateway uses SunSpec standardized protocols allowing for site-level data access. Denowatts may also be accessed by monitoring services via our web services API.


Performance Verification

Deno simplifies solar performance understanding by comparing your solar asset’s energy production against the Denowatts simulation value of your asset. The Performance Verification process is simple for owners and operators to understand and administer using our web form. Subscribers may utilize our model Performance Test Contract Exhibit to achieve an understandable and transparent performance testing process.



Deno is a revolutionary product, streamlining sensors, processing, and powerful wireless communication into a single self-powered device. Deno saves time and money by its simplicity to install and remote management capabilities. For clients that prefer using 3rd party pyranometers in addition to the two integrated sensors, Deno will conveniently accept most popular models.

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