Installation in 4 steps

Installation Step - 1

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During the Order process, just fill in a few solar asset details and your device will be loaded with the correct parameters. The Denowatts platform is remotely managed, so parameters may be updated either prior to shipping or while installed.

Installation Step - 2

Install Gateway/Receiver

Each project site must have one gateway/receiver which delivers Deno data to both a third-party monitoring service as well as to Denowatts for quality management. The gateway/receiver is connected to a 24Vdc power source and an internet service, Both are typically available in the third party monitoring equipment enclosures or can readily be added for retrofit installations. The gateway/receiver requires an "always on" internet connection such as a cellular or broadband modem.

Installation Step - 3

Install Deno

Each site may have 1-5 Deno's, typically 1-2 per MW is recommended. The Deno is installed between two adjacent solar modules using overhead clamping bolts. An auxiliary battery, used to supply power during extended dark conditions, is attached below the solar module. Range extension antennas and third-party pyranometers and optional equipment add-on's.

Installation Step - 4

Launch and Confirm

Deno includes a Launch Mode which allows installers to configure and confirm the wireless signal strength, data accuracy, and overall proper operation directly with any web connection.

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