“Denowatts is the only solution on the market that manages the accuracy and guarantees the data quality for the life of the sensors. We all know fleet analysis for energy loss is only as good as the sensor data. The Denowatts solution is the easiest to install and most cost-effective. I cannot imagine running a fleet of solar assets without them!”

Kevin Suhr, Scada Engineer
Greenbacker Capital

“Denowatts Solar including the equipment, service, and company management is exceptional across the board, providing industry-leading support from Day 1. The analytics tools are simple and effective and the sensors easy for technicians to install. This is quickly becoming the solution of choice for solar asset owners and managers for good reason.”

Luke Pollinger, President
Photovoltaics California

“As an O&M Tech, I rely on accurate data to do my job and efficiently manage my schedule. The onslaught component failures, lengthy RMA processing, and repair scheduling for projects often 2-4 hours away can get frustrating. Too many times I approach a sensor replacement thinking that the job will be easy, only to find myself spending days digging a new ditch and running a new conduit across a field.

Then we discovered Denowatts and have been using their service and sensors for the last few years to replace failing MET equipment in our portfolio. The wireless sensors are amazing. The installation takes about 5 minutes. A simple call or text and they commission the sensors right on the spot. Their service model eliminates RMA processing headaches and saves me a ton of time so I can focus on keeping our plants running at 100%.”

Kris Underwood, O&M Technician
Blue Ridge Power

“I’ve been using Denowatts since Dan first pitched the idea to me almost 8 years ago and installed one of the beta units on a site I was operating. When it was just a competitively priced and highly accurate weather station it was a no-brainer to integrate into every site in our Greenbacker fleet. With the addition of incredible performance management tools and more recently the first ISO accredited capacity test, Denowatts is easily the best value add service for an asset owner who takes performance seriously. We standardize their product on all of our acquisitions, whether that is specifying it in new construction or retrofitting it into operational sites.”

Matt Murphy, COO
Greenbacker Capital